Technology pioneered the future EOS ecological incubator

Social influence

We will convene block chain followers to join the development of EOS. We will expand our influence through new media and maintain the vitality of the community.

Ecological fund

Under the eosshuimu eco development fund, we will help EOS based DAPPs go live With advantage of our technical capabilities in the block chain.

Technological innovation

We will actively communicate with the community individuals, enterprises and institutions. Then we will promote EOS.IO related technical programmes and organize seminars to help the community members to understand and use it.

Solidarity and collaboration

We will unite all resources and strengthen cooperation with other EOS communities to assist other EOS communities in promoting at home and abroad.

Technical support

We will develop EOS.IO core applications for the entire ecosystem, including EOS wallet, EOS block chain browser and other infrastructure, and actively research block chain side chain and cross chain communication technology.

Ecological cultivation

We will promote the development and commercialization of EOS ecosystem technology, and will promote the development and popularization of the EOS ecosystem through technical meetup, offline salon, Summit Forum, and ecological Dapp promotion.

Server specification

Server Configuration

Before 3rd of June, in order to maintain the robustness and reliability of testnet server, we will use two cloud based servers in block producing.

Master server
CPU:24 vCPU 48 GB Intel Xeon E5-2682v4 2.5 GHz
SSD: EBS-only
Network: 1,000 Mbps
SSD: 1024GB
Standby server
CPU:16 vCPU Intel Xeon Platinum 8163 2.5 GHz
SSD: EBS-only
Network: 1,000 Mbps
SSD: 1024GB